Religion and Death

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Religious Views on Death

Every religion views death in a slightly different light, but there’s no religion completely ignores it as a fact. People are born, they live, and they die. It's something so ingrained in our lives and it’s unavoidable, so why is it so hard to deal with?

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Life After Death

Religions usually differ on their idea of what happens to people after they die. We don't really have any solid, scientific evidence to tell us what happens to us after we die, so it's up to different religions to answer that scary question for us.

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Finding Comfort

Religion is a great to find comfort because it helps answer questions that death brings to mind. Those questions include, “What happens after death?” “Is there life after death?” and so on. Uncertainty is scary to the human psyche, so religion can help us feel secure and consoled.

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Services for the Dead

Religions also differ on their ceremonies and services for people who have passed away. Funerals are a common practice for most religions, but the tone of the funeral or the words spoken will probably differ depending on the religious beliefs of the person who died and that person's family members.